Taxi Sharing

15:00h - 16:00h

Peter ( Will arrive at 15:34h at Aschaffenburg Main Station. Happy to share a taxi.


16:00h - 17:00h

Maik (maik.nogens at I will arrive at Aschaffenburg HBF (Main) at 16:34 . Will take a cab as well and are open for sharing. I will most likely wear my CAT T-Shirt. :-)


17:00h - 18:00h

Sven ( I will arrive at 17:34h at Aschaffenburg Main Station (assuming that the Deutsche Bahn is in time (*cough*)). Does anyone want to share a taxi to the venue? 

Hi, I (Birgit, bpanzram at gmail dot com) have posted my request in the car sharing section, too. I am arriving by train at 17:59. Happy to share a taxi!

Irene ( I will arrive at 17:22 at Aschaffenburg (If I get my train in Frankfurt and trains are on time, ... ;-)) I'd share a taxi, too.

Sebastian - email: twitter: @Sanitz - I am arriving at 17:34 in Aschaffenburg - Looking forward to share a taxi! 


18:00h - 19:00h

Sebastian (mail -at , Twitter: @stdout): I will probably arrive with the ICE from Frankfurt at 18:34. Happy to share a taxi if you arrive 18:30-18:45.


19:00h - 20:00h