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Car Sharing

Page history last edited by Anja Stiedl 12 years ago

Do you arrive by car?


Maybe you can give somebody a lift and travel together - which probably is both more ecological and interesting.

Just login and use this page to offer or ask for a lift to the conference.


Suggestion for how we can manage this simply: If you're offering, pick some requestors and after they confirm to go with you, then the requestors erase their names. The offering person keeps their name on here if they still have seats available, and when full, they also erase their name here. That way, just the "live" offers and requsts are on this wiki page for simplicity.



  • I am going by car from Frankfurt to Rückersbach. We can meet at the train station in Frankfurt-Höchst. There are direct connections from Frankfurt main station (HBF) and Frankfurt Airport (FRA)
    • Frankfurt Main Station: Use suburban train S1 (towards Wiesbanden) or S2 (towards Niedernhausen), usually leaving at track 103. F-Höchst is the third stop (~ 10 minutes). Additional connections are available - check time table.
    • Frankfurt Airport: Go via Frankfurt Main Station or use Bus 58 (direct connection) to Frankfurt Höchst Station (Höchst Bahnhof), ~9th stop, ~25 minutes. If there are two or more persons arriving via plane I can pick you up at the airport!
    • Felix Rüssel (fer -at- agile-rescue.com) // www.agilerescue.de/about-experts/felix-ruessel/
    • --> Nancy  (Yes, I will get a ride with Felix. Thanks! -  Nancy V.)
    • --> Claudius 
  • I am going by car from Walldorf to Rückersbach, leaving Walldorf around 4pm. I can either pickup people on route the A5 / Frankfurt Airport around 5pm or alternatively pick people up in Aschaffenburg around 5:30 pm. 
  • I'm offering a lift from Munich (Unterföhring) to Rückersbach (and back for sure, but I've to leave sunday noon already). Will start in Unterföhring (near Munich) at approx. 15:00. Eike
    • Florian Gross has won the seat :-) 




  •  I (Claudius dot link at gmail dot com) am looking for a lift from Frankfurt to Rückersbach. Does anyone has a seat available :-)? ==> Felix
  • Hi, I (Birgit, bpanzram at gmail dot com) am looking for a lift from Aschaffenburg Hbf to Rückersbach (arriving by train at 17:59). Anybody going that way?  Or, alternatively anybody wanting to share a taxi?
  • Hi, I (Ralph at miarka dot com) will arrive in FFM on Friday at 4:40pm. Anyone traveling to Rückersbach after that? Also, my partner Veronika will arrive in FFM on Friday at 7:05pm. Has anyone a lift for her too? 



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